1. Platinum Pathways Media Group: Putting It All Around To Unlock The Chakra
    Spitch Tillman & Mark Rubberminz

  2. Success is Business
    Ropal Jagnu

  3. Field Day of Yonder
    Quilt Boy

  4. Can't Be Bothered
    The Snogs

  5. Disconnect Switch

  6. Cutest Boy In Town
    R.M. Gellin

  7. Gold Chain
    Perfect Jack

  8. Kaffeeklatsch
    R. Stevie Moore


  10. Doc Told Us to Meet at 5029 York Blvd. for a Very Very Special Night of "Lights! Camera! Action!" or Wowee! The City Sure is Scary
    R. Clown

  11. Hit Parade Estate
    Death Tricheco

  12. Gotta Go Tokyo!
    The Snogs

  13. WUMISI

  14. IV
    Galaxie Deluxe

  15. 4 Way Split
    Ropal Jagnu / Stephen's Lorikeet / Rigel Magellan / DDM

  16. Mellow Pears
    Rigel Magellan

  17. Demos '17
    Cheap Meat

  18. Friend Texture
    Club Foot

  19. Autre Regard

  20. Requiems

  21. Nose Songs
    Gruff Stuff Magellan

  22. Tar Pusher

  23. Soft Power
    No Data

  24. Chore Time
    Quilt Boy

  25. Hot Games
    GD Trio

  26. Junior's Choice
    Ropal Jagnu

  27. Sleepy TV
    R. Magellan

  28. Beneath My Blood
    Cruz Somers

  29. Some Songs About Horses... and a Quick Trot with Satan Through the City, Into the Woods, and Down to Hell
    Shrink Ray

  30. Stories Vol. 1
    joshua krakowsky

  31. III
    Galaxie Deluxe

  32. Uniform Groove with a Chisel
    No Data

  33. 4 Stupid Songs / If It's Dead Don't Eat It
    Simon Kingston

  34. Silo
    Ropal Jagnu

  35. Modern Day Dandy
    Stephen's Lorikeet

  36. Demos
    Cheap Meat

  37. Succulent Sounds
    Rigel Magellan

  38. Rigel Magellan / Guu
    Rigel Magellan / Guu

  39. Sex Shoppe
    Sex Shoppe

  40. Here Comes the Tarp
    Cruz Somers

  41. 1-6

  42. no data
    no data

  43. Spheres
    Son of Rama

  44. Fish Flavored Cream / Decoding
    Dr. Duck & the Marigolds / Ropal Jagnu

  45. II
    Galaxie Deluxe

  46. demos

  47. Ugly Indian
    Ugly Indian

  48. Split

  49. Space 76
    Rigel Magellin

  50. Split
    Ropal Jagnu/Rigel Magellin

  51. Pretty Ugly

  52. Songs for Pep & Vigor
    Dr. Duck & the Marigolds

  53. Galaxie Deluxe
    Galaxie Deluxe


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